Version 1.1 Update

Park Details Page

We are very excited to announce the availability of version 1.1 which adds functionality that many of our users have been asking for.  Look for the following changes in this new update:

  • Location, Location, Location!  We now have Location information for EVERY park in the US.  This was the biggest request by far.  Open up a park to see its GPS Coordinates and with a tap of a button you will get the park’s location in Google Maps.
  • Added elevation data – height above sea level now displayed for every park.
  • Interface improvements
  • Added a few missing parks
  • Updated content of existing parks
  • Ability to jump to the official park websites (in Safari)
  • Embedded Hyperlinks now open in Safari

This National Parks iPhone App now gives you every NPS in the US (now over 500 in all) for only 99 cents.  Click the download link above to get yours today.

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